America’s Lousy China Policy

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America’s Lousy China Policy

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In the late 1990s, the United States granted China Most Favored Nation status. This was a disastrous mistake.

At the time, the decision was sold to the American people as a “Free Trade Agreement.” That was a pure lie.

Beijing maintained its restrictive rules, laws, and taxes that make it hard for foreign companies to sell products in China. Meanwhile, our country opened its doors to everything Chinese.

This policy was a boon for corporations that moved their factories to China and for international shipping companies. It was a disaster for everyone else.

The most visible result in our country is the rise of the dollar store. Today, every rural community in America has a dollar store or two. They pay their employees less than a living wage. And they sell Chinese-made junk that we’d be better off without.

The most visible result in China is the degradation of the environment. People like to credit the EPA for cutting down pollution in America. We didn’t really reduce pollution, though; we exported it to Asia.

People who call Chinese consumer goods “cheap” aren’t taking into consideration the environmental costs. The air and waterways of urban China have been wretchedly polluted.

It is our fault. We have a responsibility to stop buying imported junk that we don’t need. We have an obligation to support any politician who has the guts to slap a protective tariff on Chinese imports.

“But we can’t do that,” nitwits will say. “This will anger the Chinese and we need them!”

The truth is that we do not need China; China needs us. The United States owes China approximately $1.3 trillion. Beijing relies on us and our dollars to keep the regime in power.

If we anger the Chinese by putting a 25% tariff on their imports, they have to shut up and pay the tariff. If China angers us, we can default on our loans, start making iPhones in Barre, and watch as the Communist regime collapses.

“But what about their military?” Neo-cons will say. “China is a dangerous expansionist empire!”

The truth is that China is one of the least bellicose empires in human history. China’s arch-enemy Japan is located a few hundred miles off shore to the east. And China has never attacked Japan. Not once.

Don’t let Neo-cons scare you into thinking that China wants war with us. Our military continues feverishly to try to start a war with them.

We eagerly provoke the Chinese with our imperial military presence. We remind them of the bloody Korean conflict by obstinately keeping tens of thousands of troops in South Korea. We disrespectfully ignore their hatred of the Japanese by effectively acting as the Japanese defense force to this day.

We have an obligation to support any politician who proposes that we finally bring our troops home where they belong.


At the beginning of this column, I said that granting China Most Favored Nation status was a mistake. That’s not precisely true.

Our current China policy had the successful intended effect of making globalist corporations richer and keeping the East Asian wing of our military empire in business.

The rest of us are losing, though. We need tariffs. We need less foreign-made junk. We need to bring our troops home. We need a new China policy.