Jon Stewart: Fake News, Fake Man





Jon Stewart
Fake News, Fake Man

I have never been more nervous to have a column published. People literally get fired for daring to criticize Jon Stewart.
But somebody has to speak up! In the mainstream media, Jon Stewart is treated like Santa Claus: a wonderful, selfless saint who lives only to bring joy by delivering gifts to us on a regular basis.
That is NOT how I view him. I loathe Jon Stewart more than any other entertainer. More than Glen Beck. More than Maroon 5. Far more than Paris Hilton.
It isn’t that I don’t think Jon Stewart is smart and funny. It’s that I find his act to be unbearably obnoxious and cowardly.
I don’t agree with the way that liberals view our country, but I don’t have a problem watching liberal entertainers. Let me tell you: if I did, I’d have to entirely stop going to the movies and I’d have to sell my TV!
But I have a major problem with people who are compelled to espouse their opinions but don’t have the guts to own up to them.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the single nastiest, most partisan, most aggressively political program on television. Stewart makes his living attacking democrats for not being liberal enough and republicans for having the audacity to even exist on planet earth.
But Stewart spinelessly presents The Daily Show as a mere comedy program; not the liberal equivalent of a prime time Fox News broadcast that it clearly is.
Stewart tells the meanest, most hurtful jokes he and his angry writing staff and can come up with, and then grins innocently at the camera. “Oh, it’s just little old me: a charming, cute, clever comedian. I am above the fray. You should love me even though I live to mock and destroy other people.”
The full extent of Stewart’s mean-spirited hypocrisy was on display during his highly publicized interview with Jim Cramer. Stewart turned the interview into a public lynching, essentially blaming the CNBC personality for the 2008 financial crisis.
On one hand, Stewart expects to be immune from all media criticism because he presents The Daily Show as “fake news.” On the other hand, he self-righteously attacks an entertainer with a show called “Mad Money,” which features a cheesy sound effects board and cartoon bulls and bears.
Only a fool would take Jim Cramer’s silly stock show seriously. And Jon Stewart is no fool. He was driven by pure, ideology-fueled venom.
The saddest thing is that fake news can be presented with positivity, class, sophistication, and good humor. Stewart’s compatriot Stephen Colbert proves that every night on “The Colbert Report.”
This is my opinion. This is Max’s View. I totally understand and respect the fact that you’re hating me for it a little bit right now. That is the price one must be willing to pay for publicly insulting another person.
Jon Stewart is not willing to own up to his beliefs and take responsibility for his hurtful actions. For shame.