Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

“Twilight” (2008) gave us the gift of a perfect love story.
“Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” are giving us an ever rarer treat: the gift of a realistic love saga.
Cookie-cutter Hollywood love stories often conclude with the couple getting married. In “Breaking Dawn” – as in real life – the big wedding is only the beginning.
Bella and Edward’s wedding is satisfyingly beautiful and romantic. But in the Twilight movies – as in real life – love comes with responsibilities.
Hollywood often presents love as a cure for all of your problems and issues. If a girl learns about love from dumb movies, she’d assume that her future husband will be the missing puzzle piece who fits into her life seamlessly and magically makes her whole.
Author Stephanie Meyer makes sure that her young fans don’t grow up thinking that relationships are easy. Bella and Edward’s wedding isn’t just about flowers and white gowns; it is a serious commitment.
“Breaking Dawn” emphasizes the burden of responsibility and the binding power of real vows. If newlyweds aren’t ready to band together during the hard times, then they may as well just give it up after 72 days.
Everything about Bella and Edward’s wedding feels more real and more wholesome than Kim Kardashian’s television marriage to Kris Humphries.
There is a wonderful moment where Bella is walking down the aisle. Instead of enjoying her special day, the bride is nearly overwhelmed with anxiety. Edward senses this and gives Bella a big, sincere, loving smile. Then she turns to her father and sees the supportive smile on his face. Suddenly, Bella’s fears are washed away and she is ready to say her “I do’s” with confidence.
It is a beautiful scene. Five minutes into “Breaking Dawn,” I was completely hooked. And the movie only gets more interesting and suspenseful as it goes along.
Hey, Team Jacob: you must like “Breaking Dawn” even more than I do! For the first three movies, I saw Jacob as nothing more than a pathetic third wheel. He was no werewolf – more like a lovesick puppy who refused to accept the fact that Bella was never going to choose him.
Now I finally have some respect for Jacob and understand the vital part that he plays in the saga. It warmed my heart to see him swallow his pride and work with the Cullen family to protect Bella and I absolutely admire his spirit of sacrifice.
“Breaking Dawn – Part 1” is an engrossing drama and the best Twilight film so far. I wonder why this amazing romantic movie is getting such bad reviews…Oh, wait: it’s probably because 90% of film critics are men.