Pain & Gain

Pain and Gain


When I used to see a guy in a sleeveless shirt that showed off his big muscles, I assumed that he was more confident than me.
Live and learn.
Now I understand that lifting weights isn’t the cure for insecurity. It is a symptom of insecurity.
In my 20s, I was too busy having fun to even consider the notion that my weak, skinny body was a problem that I needed to change.
Now that’s exactly how I feel. And since my life is far from perfect, I go to the gym every day after work in an obsessive attempt to perfect my body.
Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I really enjoy working out. As addictions go, being addicted to the gym isn’t so bad.
But, make no mistake, being a gym rat in an addiction.
If a drug addict buys a big bag of drugs, it won’t satisfy him. No matter how big the bag is, when he’s done he’ll crave more.
That’s the same way it goes for a weight lifter. After years of daily lifting, I have to assume that I’m bigger than I was before. But I don’t see it. The only thing that’s ever on my mind is how much bigger I want to be. And I can’t wait for 5 o’clock so I can get back to the gym.
A common stereotype about gym rats is that they are stupid meatheads. Naturally, I am not arguing that every guy who lifts weights every day is an idiot. It is a fact, however, that the more time you spend exercising at the gym, the less time you have to exercise your brain.
In conclusion, extreme body builders are likely to be quite insecure and a little dense.
Michael Bay gets it.
“Pain & Gain” is the gym-rat “Goodfellas.” It’s the true story of three juiced up jerks in 1990s Miami who went on a ghastly crime spree and almost got away with it.
Mark Wahlberg plays Daniel Lugo: a moderately intelligent, moderately successful personal trainer. But he wants more. After going to an inspiring self-help seminar entitled ‘Get Off Your Lazy American ***,’ he realizes what he needs to do.
Daniel gathers a crack team of steroid-popping morons, kidnaps the richest guy from his gym, and tortures him until the poor man signs over his entire fortune to Daniel.
“Pain & Gain” is a weird, dark uncompromising journey into the minds of three violent sociopaths who just want to live the American dream and to be accepted but mess things up at every turn.
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is particularly hilarious as a born again Christian coke-head who is too dense to realize how hypocritically un-Christian his behavior is.
“Pain & Gain” is a surprisingly good movie. It gave me an entertaining look into the lives of three messed-up bodybuilders. And it made me want to hit the gym and work the Pec Fly Nautilus machine extra hard today.